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The Vineyard of the Saker: Pauvre, pauvre France!

Now the French look like total whips and idiots.

That is really unfair. The French deserve a great deal of credit for doing everything just right, sining such a complex agreement is no small task, and for designing a superb ship. Now all this is compromised by Francois « soft testicle » Hollande who clearly has the vision, courage, intelligence and leadership qualities of a blue-green algae.

I bet you the ships will be delivered more or less on time. But a terrible blow has been dealt to one of values the French hold extremely dear: the independence of their country from all other big powers. If the British are more or less resigned to their role as janitor for Uncle Sam, the French will not accept this and I expect the hatred for the current regime to become even more virulent than it is today. I tend to agree with French economist Pierre Jovanovic when he predicts that « King Francois » (another of his nicknames) will never finish his term in office.

Pauvre, pauvre France…

The Saker

via The Vineyard of the Saker: Pauvre, pauvre France!.


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