Ukraine (général)

Ukraine-Nato : Quote from Strafor.

Ukraine-Nato : Quote from Strafor.

« On a tactical level, any support from NATO apart from actual military intervention would probably not tip the balance on the battlefield. The delivery of non-lethal support, and even the deliveries of weapon systems, would not help Ukraine’s primary concern: lack of manpower. Several of its units have been rendered combat ineffective in the east while those that remain are stretched thin. But NATO countries are much less eager to commit forces to this conflict than Russia, something that for the foreseeable future leaves Poroshenko without a military solution to the conflict.

Though the arrival of winter or a cease-fire, whichever comes first, will likely transform the situation in eastern Ukraine into a so-called Frozen Conflict, in the short-term, NATO support could become instrumental in Ukraine’s attempts to rebuild its military in the long term. Existing NATO cooperation with Ukraine plus new supplies of military equipment could go a long way toward this. The challenge will be funding such efforts, given that Ukraine and NATO member countries face serious budgetary limitations.« 

(From Stratfor)


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