Géostratégie, Ukraine (environnement stratégique)

Novorussia – Surrender or victory? (a hint of strategic thinking)

Nice to read what I’m saying for monthes : how sane people could claim a « victory » a would be situation where 10% of « Ukraine » territory remains Russian friendly while 90% becomes a giant US-NATO « blockpost » between them and « European » Union ?

Extract :

« However, from a strategic and long-term perspective, such a scenario would in the end be our defeat, because we would lose the rest of Ukraine and in addition, would allow the US to take full and complete control over Europe.

« ***

« That’s why we need all of Ukraine, which, similar to Belarus, will be friendly to Russia and join (with the possible exception of the three Western regions) the Eurasian Economic Union. Together we will then form a trade zone with the EU that will unite the entire Eurasian continent from France and Holland to China, Iran and India in a single trade and economic zone. »

via The Vineyard of the Saker: Novorussia – Surrender or victory?.


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