Ukraine (antisémitisme), Ukraine (général)

Ukrainian Nazis began a war against Jewish People. Again.

« In one month, militants from Praviy Sektor have severely beaten more than 20 Jews« , Michael Mayman, leader of the Jewish community, said.

In the Odessa district, 36 other robbery and beating have been recorded, what were performed by the same breed of fascist militants. All the victims – Jewish.

« We must react against these death squads. Praviy Sektor are war criminals. Our duty, take on the weapons of these criminals and restore peace in Odessa, what always was and will be the most open minded city. » Mayman said.

Ukranian internal affairs Minister, Avakok, criticized these beatings « because they can turn European Union and the USA away from [Ukrainian fascists]. »


Translator’s Note : The « Ukrainian National Guard » is mainly manned by Praviy Sektor militants.

Ukrainian nazis.

Ukrainian nazis. These people have ministers in the Proshenko’s « Governement ».


За месяц боевики «Правого сектора» жестоко избили более 20 евреев. Об этом сообщила РСН со ссылкой на одного из лидеров еврейской общины Одессы Михаила Маймана.

via «Правый сектор» объявил войну еврейскому народу: более 20 евреев избито в Одессе – Телеканал «Звезда».


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